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Marketing a local business can be a difficult task. From organizing a strategy to contending with your competitors, small business owners have a lot to think about. Having good Search Engine Optimization services will ensure your clients can find you when they’re looking for your services.

What Does Search Engine Optimization mean for a Small Business?

How often do you use Google to look something up, find a business, or learn more about a product? When you run a search, how often do you go past the first page of results? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization and it is, in short, the practice of changing your website to better fit standards that will push it to the top of Google’s search engine rankings page.

Google, specifically, because Google holds 76% of all search engine traffic making Google’s best practices the gold standard for search optimization and algorithms alike. If we please Google, we’re pleasing smaller search engines as well, who often use the same principles to evaluate results.

The great majority of people will only reach out to a business after first checking out their webpage, which is why it is so important to rank at the top of Google.

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Why SmartWebPros?

How did you find us?

Many companies offer Search Engine Optimization, but SmartWebPros is only one of few that specializes in SEO, which is why we show up on the first page for so many digital marketing searches. But that’s not the only thing that sets us ahead of other SEO agencies.

Better keyword research

Using new, Google-approved techniques for keyword research, we can work with you to determine the keywords that you and your small business need to target in order to get the best return on investment. We use data straight from Google to determine search volumes, as well as extensive marketing knowledge to determine which terms your target market is searching, and which ones will get you better, more qualified leads.

Knowledge of all aspects of SEO and the latest algorithms

We do more than just focus on keywords. Keywords are an incredibly important aspect of SEO, but without a solid foundation for that content, people will struggle to use and navigate your site. We’re always on top of the latest news and Google algorithm updates, so you can count on us to keep your site up to date too.

More technical skill

There are lots of aspects to SEO that require more than just your every day “SEO expert” to complete. Without a solid knowledge of coding, development, programming, and design, a lot of the hard work you put into your keyword-rich content won’t mean anything. Things like image optimization at any size (mobile, tablet, desktop and everywhere in between), website navigation, visual design and even usability. Plus, if elements of your website are broken or not working efficiently, you’ll lose clients and rankings. That’s why we have a team of marketers and developers dedicated to your Search Engine Optimization.

Better, more personalized reporting

If you need reporting on your website and SEO efforts, we have you covered. Many SEO companies send you reports that are either confusing or incredibly limited. Sometimes they won’t send you anything. SmartWebPros sends reporting on a monthly basis, according to your services. Plus, we offer a client portal where you can access a customized, live dashboard showing stats and reporting for all your digital marketing services. Each time you receive a report, you have the opportunity to discuss it with one of our SEO specialists, who can clarify any confusion (what does “Bounce Rate” mean and how can I make it better?) and discuss your goals.

More options to fit your business

Are you a new business looking to optimize a website, or is your business well-established but looking for a way to promote multiple locations through Google? Maybe you’re an e-commerce store that wants clients to have an easier time finding you. We have different packages and levels of Search Engine Optimization that we can tailor to fit your unique situation. We’ll guide you to the services that will get your business noticed and make you the most money.

Great customer service

We always have someone available to talk to. If you have a concern or a question, you can call, email, or even fill out our online form and receive help immediately. We understand that sometimes issues can’t wait, and we also understand that sometimes SEO can be difficult to understand. That’s why we always ensure that you have the opportunity to speak with someone about your SEO service and our SEO consultants can help guide you to the most effective solution for your business.

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