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Ace Trashbusters

694% Increase in organic traffic!

582% Increase in site traffic!

831% Increase in new users!

Ace Trash Busters SEO Chart

This bin rental company is no has-bin!

Ace Trashbusters had a great reputation with their current clients for providing excellent service and fair pricing. The problem was, they weren’t getting many new clients. People searching for bin rental companies couldn’t find them online.

Ace contacted us for help and after meeting with them, we decided on a course of action that would get them found on search engines, provide additional traffic from referrals and build them a website that reflected what they were all about: Simple honest service at fair prices.

We got to work building them a very simple responsive website design that performs exactly as required across desktop and mobile devices. At the same time, we increased their online presence offsite and optimized the new website to make it search engine friendly.

The result: An immediate increase in highly competitive keyword rankings and increased traffic from search engines and referrals. Qualified traffic to their website steadily increased from a few visits to almost 500 visits per month! We now have one very busy and happy bin rental company as a client!

Great Floors

175% Increase in organic traffic!

130% Increase in site traffic!

160% Increase in new users!

Great Floors SEO Chart

Great Floors, Great Marketing, Great SEO – A Multi Location SEO Strategy

When we were approached by Roberts Marketing to handle the SEO portion of Great Floors marketing efforts we were excited to work with a multi-location single website model. Great Floors already had great branding and direct visits to their website from Roberts Marketing’s efforts but after years of location acquisition and name changes, who they were in the eyes of a machine search engine was muddled as multiple names and phone numbers were present for the same geographic location.

Our task was not only to increase rankings in five different locations but to consolidate who Great Floors is as an entity in the eyes of search engines. Working with Roberts Marketing, individual location landing pages were created on the website to increase Google’s understanding of the relevance of the company for each location. In addition we added coding to help Google better understand the content, type of business and individual location information. We also rewrote all the URL titles and meta to target product keywords and improve click through rates.

The result: Our onsite and offsite SEO efforts combined with Roberts Marketing’s branding and advertising initiatives achieved higher rankings in search results, increased visitor traffic and conversions. Organic visitor traffic to the site is on average 170% higher VS last year for each and every month!