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Malicious Software (Malware) lives up to its evil reputation by inserting a file or code, with ill intent, onto your website to access data that can lead to your financial loss and another’s financial gain.
A website hosting & development company in London ON fixes and prevents malware problems on your website.
To keep up with increases in malware threats, we have upgraded our hosting services to handpick the best solution for your website.

SmartWebPros makes it our job to ensure your hardworking website is malware free

Through our SWPDIP security program, we fix current malware problems and make your website malware-free.

We use one server per website rather than providing shared hosting. This is the most secure and dedicated hosting strategy.

Our website development team uses comprehensive strategies to streamline your website’s functionality.

SmartWebPros block malignant foreign traffic (cybercriminals) to your website.

Since 2003, Jeff Christofferson of SmartWebPros, has made it his goal to provide affordable and reliable website hosting, development, design, and SEO services for local and North American businesses.

Websites are often vulnerable to a digital virus or cyber attack and need systems to protect them.

  • Spam is sent from the infected computer to vulnerable individuals.
  • The virus or code explores the network until it finds entry to the data it has been coded to find.
  • It copies that data, almost always, for financial gain.

Your website’s security, high speed, and affordability are always our focus.

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Call us about your malware concerns, website hosting services, SEO strategies, or a new website design at (519) 660 7460.

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