SmartWebPros Remarkable Achievements in 2023

SmartWebPros’ Remarkable SEO Achievements in 2023 | SEO and Chat Bots in 2023

December 20, 2023 | Category:

In our 21-year journey of achievements since inception, 2023 stands out as an exceptional year, not
due to revenue or profit gains, but because of the remarkable expansion of our
service offerings included SEO and Chat Bots in 2023.

From our establishment in 2002 through 2022, SmartWebPros primarily delivered
fundamental Web Development and SEO services. While our services were effective,
they primarily revolved around creating highly-ranked websites on Google and Bing.
Although beneficial, these services pale in comparison to what we have
accomplished in 2023.
In 2023, the advent of AI empowered us to significantly broaden our service
spectrum without any additional cost to our clients:

1. Monthly Free Blogs for SEO Clients:

Until 2022, our SEO efforts mainly focused on
existing web pages, occasionally adding new ones, which consumed significant time
and resources. However, with the introduction of AI, we now craft unique,
keyword-rich blogs in a matter of minutes. We have committed to providing our SEO
clients with one blog per month, tailored to their tier—Tier three clients receive one,
Tier two clients receive two, and Tier one clients receive three blogs per month, in
addition to a complimentary website redesign every three years. These additional
blogs have propelled our clients’ rankings on Google and Bing, reducing their need
for additional advertising.

2. Free Newsletters for SEO Clients:

Our free newsletters are a byproduct of the blogs we generate, saving our clients substantial sums annually. We transform our
blogs into newsletters, enhancing communication and engagement.

3. Complimentary Website Development Every 3 Years for Top Tier SEO Clients:

Redesigning websites periodically offers several advantages, including keeping up
with design trends, technological advancements, outperforming competitors, and

4. AI Chatbots for 24/7 Customer Support – SEO and Chat Bots in 2023:

We have implemented AI chatbots capable of providing accurate responses to customer queries around the clock. These chatbots enhance accessibility, convenience, and customer satisfaction, while also reducing operational costs. They ensure consistent, error-free responses,
streamlining customer service and improving the overall client experience.
We are immensely proud of the strides we made in 2023 and are enthusiastically
optimistic about our future. To learn more about these new services, please visit our
SEO page at
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December 20, 2023 11:47 am