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Quick Tips for Small Business Security

June 21, 2018 | Category:

  1. Protect Your Physical Space

    It may sound obvious, but many businesses do not properly protect their physical space–for example, your office or desk–meaning anyone can come into your workplace and play on your computer or see any passwords you might have written down on sticky notes. This can make a world of difference in small business security.

  2. Don’t Click Links You Don’t Recognize

    Even if the link is from a friend, always read their message carefully. If it doesn’t seem like something they would send to you, or if the message is vague, impersonal or misspelled, don’t click the link until you can confirm it was sent to you intentionally.

  3. Use An Antivirus

    To avoid smaller attacks, an antivirus can help keep your information safe by alerting you of suspicious files or programs asking for permissions they shouldn’t be.

  4. Change Up Your Passwords

    I know, I hate doing it too. But there’s a way to do it even for those with the poorest memory. Create a unique password, and then use a formula for each different login. For example, if your password is “password” (it shouldn’t be! Create a string of numbers letters and usually a symbol) then add a unique identifier for each site: “passwordfacebook” or “passwordfb” to make it even simpler. This article goes into more depth.

  5. Educate Your Employees

    Even if you have a great password and Antivirus, your employees may be vulnerable. Make sure they know what needs to be protected, like confidential documents, and how to do that.

Contingency Planning

  • Make a Copy

    Make sure you have everything backed up and saved somewhere safe in case someone does get a hold of your information and use it against. That way, if they try to lock you out or destroy your files, you’re still able to get them back.

  • Know Your Risks and Ability to Fight an Attack

    If you’re unaware of how a virus or online attack could affect you and your business, it’s a good idea to look into it. You also want to know what your abilities are when it comes to fighting an attack like this, and know who to call in case you need help.

  • Have a Plan

    This sort of sums everything up. Simply know what you will do if an event does occur. This will help you deal with the issues quickly, and take some stress off your plate.

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