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Benefits of an Agency-Built Website

April 30, 2021 | Category:


That is 1 billion, 827 million, 356 thousand, 698 websites online, as of early 2021; wait, make that 99.

Interestingly, only 200 million of those websites are active.

Does an agency website builder give you pivotal benefits over the many do-it-yourself template website builders? The answer yes should be circled in bright red when you consider the earlier numbers.

A custom website really only makes sense for a group of you.

The whys of wanting to be an entrepreneur are not much of a secret.

Most of those shiny websites now gathering dust on a very long online-shelf were once vehicles to present someone’s best something. The truth is, for a great many of us, our cashola runs out before our hopes and dreams end, and one’s business success requires much of the former while the latter is taking hold.

There are good DIY website-building platforms if money feels like it may be an issue for you. Your DIY website may eventually take its place on that dusty shelf, but you will have grown and learned and that is always a good thing in life.

However, suppose you have business experience, if you have jumped on the back of that bucking horse before, if you have some business success already, and are able to put some money forward, then yes. In that case, an agency website builder has tricks a plenty that will help to make your business the success you need it to be.


The business of building websites is a game of attracting buyers and outsmarting your competition.

One of the advantages an agency can provide you with is arguably the most important one:

An on-trend, custom appearance to your website draws clients in immediately. Humans are naturally attracted to artistic, harmonious and exciting things.

Creatives manage this wonderful aspect. People who love ideas and take great pride in their ability to translate your shiny something onto web pages that make it easy and pleasant for your customer to use. 

Agencies hire Website Developers, devs for short, not only for their talent in design but also for their knowledge and experience in computer coding.


a blue visual showing connectivity between online devices

Your website will be user-friendly in whatever ways you have dreamed up through the efforts of Website Developers, as long as your dreams fall within some basic parameters.

Those parameters are determined after your wants and requirements are discussed.

  • How fast is the website loading on desktop and mobile?
  • Which programming languages need to employed?
  • Do the languages talk proficiently and easily with the server stack?
  • Are there security issues that occur between the programming languages and the server stack?
  • What are the current update requirements and the breakage potential for the languages and tools we may choose to use?
  • Does your website show up on desktop, mobile and tablet?
  • Is there repetitive content that would hinder SEO results?

People don’t know what ‘written code’ gets them. Web Developers put in place everything you see on a website. They make possible, interactive usage of your website such as fillable forms, product option choices, motion on a page and make sure your site is simple and easy to use with as little overwhelm for the user as possible.


Once your attractive and user-friendly website is online, it must stand out in that vast ocean, so potential customers find it:

SEO and Marketing Specialists add user-search terms and create custom strategies to market your ideas so your optimum customer can find you. Given the number of websites added daily, it is magical that anyone finds you at all; the sooner you have a marketing and SEO plan, the better.


Professional-Blog Writers are a relatively new kind of tool for agencies

The asking for information found by posing questions to a search engine like Google, Yahoo or Bing changes our computers and phones into the contemporary equivalent of those burgundy-covered encyclopedias you could collect during the 70s. I think the promotion ended before anyone could know what was happening in the world past the letter ‘W’.

Any question you type into your search engine of choice is answered mostly on the pages of a blog post that lives on a website. The writing of a blog post is a calculated endeavour, similar to but different than that of an SEO specialist, meant to attract people that would benefit from your services or product.


We led you here to SmartWebPro’s website through the combined work of our agency’s specialists. Give us a call: 519 660 7460.

We are a friendly and professional full-service agency able to help your business reach the success you envision.


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April 30, 2021 4:00 pm