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How your Blog helps your Website

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Your website success is a game of numbers and percentages. So, here is a ridiculous number to stir into your coffee, 7.5 million. That’s the number of blog posts uploaded every day worldwide. Drink that in for a quiet moment. To stand out from your competition and to achieve Google’s top position called the Featured Snippet, your blog post must be part high energy, part persuasion, part good looks and part contortionist. Just like a cheerleader.

A blog post is almost always optimistic. Even when it can’t be full of sunshine it always offers solutions, or in agency lingo, takeaways, for readers. But as website competition has become even stiffer, blog posts serve a bigger purpose.

Blogs started as creative outlets for nonprofessional writers. While they’re still serving that purpose, the heavy-handedness of raw commerce sees a place where SEO practices and the written word can work together in one giant cheerleading pyramid.


Everything you see online is either a page from a website, a PDF excerpt of specific data or a blog post. That’s right, people started asking Google, or those other search engines, bazillions of questions and blog posts stepped up realizing the hidden benefits in answering them all.  

How your Blog is a Like a Cheerleader for your website:

High energy is a must for blog posts; liveliness is a way to engage the fans:

Give the readers something new! Sometimes your post should be trying to create a new idea. Just like cheerleaders, it is good to test the abilities of the team. The higher your blog post can leap the more likely it is to be noticed.


Sometimes your post sells with gentle persuasion and other times it is backing up the team:
Selling within a blog post resembles a sideline of cheerleaders at an up-close game. You already have a captive audience; there’s no need to be deafening. SEO practices are always in use, and often, answering people’s questions proves how helpful your business is. It endears potential customers to you. Yay team.


Handsome looks entice us even when you’re a blog post:
In a very crowded room where everyone is wearing the same sentence in green, great words can catch someone’s gaze. Great delivery of the story or a jaunty title with pom-poms can be just the thing that makes people choose to read your post.

A visually well laid-out piece, the balance of letter sizes and paragraphs, and a great photo are also key components for your effective post.


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 Like a contortionist, your post must bend farther than your competition to win readers:
To win the top position on Google, the Featured Snippet placement, your blog post has to have an experienced coach who knows how to get it there. SmartWebPros has won that coveted Featured Snippet position for one of our clients but we still work on our high kicks every day.


We hope you have enjoyed reading about blog posts and how crucial they have become to our websites.

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June 1, 2021 3:11 pm