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What is Google Discover?


Discover is a mobile and app-only Google search with its own special algorithm. It specifically tries to bring up results based on a user’s past search results. In other words, it runs off an algorithm that brings up content based on the potential interests of the querent. 

As stated in the official Google discover document, “ Discover surfaces content primarily based on what Google’s automated systems believe to be a good match with a user’s interests” (Google 2020) 

Google Discover is Not Google Search

Though they perform the same kind of function, the execution and optimization strategies differ greatly. Blog writing will still work as an on-page SEO tactic, but the method of being chosen is different. 

How Do you Rank in  Discover?

There is no set way to rank in discover due to it being in constant flux with the user’s interests and new content on the internet. 

Despite this, Google has given a generous hint on how to increase your chances of appearing on discover. 

Google Discover and E-A-T

Google’s article states the following specific points as the best-practice for ranking on discover. Most of it can be summarized by the SEO term known as E-A-T, which stands for ‘expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness.’ 

  • Having page titles that capture the essence of the content, but in a non-clickbait fashion.

  • Avoiding tactics to artificially inflate engagement by using misleading or exaggerated details in preview content (title, snippets, images) to increase appeal, or by withholding crucial information required to understand what the content is about.

  • Avoiding tactics that manipulate appeal by catering to morbid curiosity, titillation, or outrage.

  • Having content that’s timely for current interests, tells a story well, or provides unique insights.

  • Providing clear dates, bylines, information about authors, the publication, the publisher, company or network behind it, and contact information to better build trust and transparency with visitors.

  • Including compelling, high-quality images in your content, especially large images that are more likely to generate visits from Discover. Large images need to be at least 1200 px wide and enabled by the max-image-preview: large setting, or by using AMP. Avoid using a site logo as your image.

In other words, ranking for Google discover is no different from ranking for normal search queries. Create truthful, quality content with no intention to mislead. 

Google Discover Content Policy

In addition to the helpful tips on how to create quality content, Google also requires specific regulations to be followed. 

Specifically, you should not post content that has the following; 

  • Hateful content
  • Misleading content
  • Violence and gore
  • Adult-themed Content
  • Spammy content with too many ads, or obvious promotion
  • Content that cites harm against people for animals

How to Monitor Your Performance on Google Discover

Like in regular search, you can monitor the performance of your website or content through the Discover performance report. It should be noted that this option is only available if your website reaches a certain number of impressions within a 16-month timeframe. 

With that in mind, the SEO strategy for discover is the same as the core of SEO. Keep creating original, high quality content that you would enjoy reading, and you will reap the benefits of higher ranking.

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