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Freshen Up For Spring

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It’s only the beginning of March, but it seems that spring is already here. Whether or not winter returns with a vengeance next week, spring advertising and products are all out and ready to go.

Take a stroll down Richmond Row and you’ll find brightly coloured displays in windows and buckets filled with tulips on front steps. Spring is a very busy time for many small business owners. Christmas credit card bills are finally paid off and once the snow is gone, people are willing to venture outside for more than just their most dire needs.

There are a few things you can do in spring to make the most of this boost in traffic. Here are SmartWebPros.com’s favourites.

Spring Digital Marketing London Ontario

Being SmartWebPros, our number one spring idea is digital marketing. In spring, people are thinking of new beginnings, whether it be refreshing their home, lifestyle or any number of other facets of their life. As a small business owner, you want to be front and centre if people are thinking about the services you offer. The internet, and a quick Google search perhaps, is the first place most of your future clients will be looking for you. Even if they’re outside enjoying the spring weather, they can still find you on their mobile device, which is a great opportunity, especially if you’re nearby. Another quick note on digital marketing this spring is that voice search is going to continue to grow and bloom. Check out our blog post on that here.

Our next idea is taking advantage of timing. There are a number of events and holidays that happen in spring, even if it’s not the biggest time of the year for spending. Easter is an obvious holiday, but there are plenty of other things that happen in spring to celebrate. It’s good to see if there’s anything else that might help you boost business. For example, The Canadian Cancer Society uses the blooming of daffodils in April to help promote their charity with daffodil sales. Choose something that makes sense for you, your business, and your customers.

Spring may mean a change in weather, but it doesn’t mean everything has to change. If you did anything for spring last year, take a look at it again. Analyze and understand why things did and did not work last year. Did you do anything really well? Not so well? Figure out why those things didn’t work to help you come up with better ideas this year.

Spring is a time for growth so it might also be a good time to take a look at your business and see if there are any new things you can do this year to help your business continue to grow. Spring offers us the possibilities for a fresh start so it’s a great time to refresh your business. Everything is bright in spring, and you can be too! Easy ways to brighten up and refresh are to get your store signage repainted or perhaps get your old website revamped.

At SmartWebPros.com, we love all the changes and fresh starts that come along with spring. Our event, The Secret to Google Success had a great turnout and helped some small business owners get the jump on their fresh starts this spring. Even though it’s such a busy time for all of us, we hope to see you out enjoying the weather, too!

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