About Jeff Christofferson

Jeff, the visionary founder behind Inc., embarked on his entrepreneurial journey in 2002 with the establishment of CCC Networks Inc in London, Ontario. From its inception as a fledgling tech company nurtured by Jeff's leadership and innovation, the business has experienced remarkable growth, expanding its team from a single employee to eight dedicated professionals. Today, Inc. stands as a testament to Jeff's commitment to supporting the growth of London-based businesses through premier Internet Marketing Services.

Specializing in website design and internet marketing, Jeff's leadership has steered Inc. to become a leader in its field, dedicated to delivering tangible results that positively impact their clients' bottom line. His entrepreneurial spirit and keen understanding of the digital landscape have not only contributed to the company's success but have also helped countless London-based businesses thrive in an increasingly competitive online world.

Under Jeff's guidance, Inc. continues to evolve and adapt, consistently ahead of the curve in leveraging the latest trends in web marketing to benefit their clients. His vision for the company extends beyond mere business success; it's about fostering community growth, supporting local enterprises, and making a lasting impact on the digital footprint of businesses in London, Ontario.

About SmartWebPros™ Inc. is a dynamic web design and internet marketing firm based in London, Ontario, dedicated to providing professional and user-friendly online solutions for a diverse range of businesses. Since its inception, the company has focused on empowering clients with the essential tools needed to create a successful online presence. With a philosophy centered around full website management systems,™ offers clients complete control over their digital content, supported by a team ready to assist with technical issues or to impart necessary knowledge for website management without requiring extensive technical expertise. This approach ensures clients receive fast, professional web design services at affordable rates, maximizing value for their investment.

What sets™ apart is not only its commitment to secure and dedicated hosting for clients but also its personal approach to business partnerships. By prioritizing getting to know each client and their unique business needs,™ ensures that every website accurately reflects the client's vision, operational style, and target customer base. This personalized touch distinguishes the company in a market often dominated by one-size-fits-all solutions.

In an era where web marketing reigns supreme, with North America alone boasting nearly 90% internet penetration as of January 2021,™ positions itself as a forward-thinking marketing ally. The company emphasizes the critical role of web marketing in today's digital landscape, where daily Google searches surpass 3.5 billion, yet only 40% of small businesses have tapped into Google Maps listings—a key resource for mobile users.™ Inc. is not just a web design and internet marketing firm; it's a partner in growth, leveraging digital trends to benefit London-based businesses. Through a blend of technical expertise, a customer-centric approach, and a keen eye for market trends,™ Inc. is committed to crafting digital solutions that drive success and elevate businesses in the digital age.